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Madison County Library Wayne Lafayette Parten Memorial Library


Please speak to library staff for more information.

Storytime is on Thursdays at 10:00 am. Please check the calendar for specific dates. 

Please make sure you register your child before attending.

Our 30  minute program includes: stories, songs, finger plays, games, and time to search for books and check them out. 

Please read all of the rules and suggestions below:

  • Please register your child as space is limited
  • Please call us and let us know if you will not be able to come so that we can prepare accordingly
  • Please discuss story time with your child before you come and let them know about expected library behavior
  • Please be on time. Late arrivals are distracting and when we wait on late arrivals we lose valuable time for crafts, stories, songs, and finger plays
  • Please try not to chat with other parents during the reading of the story and please turn off your cell phone 
  • If your child becomes restless, has difficulty sitting down, or begins to cry, please remove your child from the story time area
  • Please do not bring food, drinks, or toys as this can be distracting
  • Please supervise your child at all times - especially in the restroom, at the water fountain, and while picking out books
  • Although we welcome young children, some toddlers are not ready for the structured program that may last 30 minutes or more. You will need to decide if your child is ready
  • Please make arrangements for older children to play on a computer or sit and read

Our main goal is for everyone to have a good time! With your help, we can develop and nurture your child's love of reading and the library.
Happy Reading!