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Explore Space

The Exploratorium
Create an apparatus for viewing sunspots, Search for extraterrestrial life, and see a live web cam of Mars.

The Space Place
Be able to name trees from space, find out why the sky is blue and discover how to shrink a building three different ways. Lots of online space Games, activities, and fun facts.

Exactly how hot is the sun? Can astronauts sleep standing up? And is it possible to escape the Event Horizon of a black hole?

Young Astronomers' Learning Center
What is a Brown Dwarf? What's the difference between a meteor and a falling star? What are solar winds? The Learning Center provides all the answers you need.

The Sky 
News, articles, and facts about our sky.

PopSci - Popular Science 
The most recent space news and articles on the web. 

NASA Kids Club 
Join the club for fun space themed games, and activities! 

Space Science
Discover how the earth was formed, and what all of those stars are made of. 

Earth Viewer
View our planet and the other planets in the solar system from outer space!

Amazing Space
Space telescope education program. 

National Geographic 
Our solar system. 

Star Child - NASA
A learning center for young astronomers. 

NASA Space Place
Explore earth and space!

Sky and Telescope
Check out this week's sky at a glance.