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Madison County Library Wayne Lafayette Parten Memorial Library

Global Village


Cultural Diversity

African-American World
Learn about African-American culture through an interactive game, e-cards that include African-American history, and hearing about African-American heroes who have made a powerful difference in the world.

Countries and Cultures Crafts and Activities for Kids
Fun activities and crafts teaching cultural diversity with information about each country.

Scholastic Global Trek
Virtual travel around the world with facts and information about each country.

National Geographic Kids - Go Global
Take a trip around the world with Nat Geo kids!

Britannica Kids - Culture
Learn about different cultures around the world. 

PBS Parents Adventure in Learning
Adventures in Learning - All around the world!

Wonders of the African World
Prepare for an interactive journey across the globe as you begin your Quest for the Magic Calabash. Before going, create your own Adinkra cloth to wear, decorated with the traditional Ashanti Symbols.