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Madison County Library Wayne Lafayette Parten Memorial Library

Art & Music


Free Printable Coloring Pages
Visit the crayola website for fun coloring pages you can print at home.

Hands on Crafts
Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty playing in the mud. Or stay clean and make your own shirts and baskets. Crafts for Kids
New crafts every Wednesday. 

Highlights Magazine 
Crafts from previous issues of the publication. 

DLTK's Crafts
Crafts and activities.

Art Room

ABCYA Color, Paint, Draw
Nick Jr. Free Draw
National Gallery of Art
Arts & Crafts Activities

Music Time

PBS Music
Listen to the latest hits by Barney, Arthur, the Teletubbies, and all your other favorite PBS friends.

Radio station for kids

SFS Kids 
Play an interactive game to create your own music!

Classics for Kids - Instruments of the Orchestra
Play this interactive game to discover the instruments that make up an orchestra!

Listening Adventures by Carnegie Hall
Play a fun game while you learn facts about symphony orchestras. 

Piggy's Piano Lessons
Pick notes on the keyboard and Piggy plays it back for you!

Play a Tune on Boomwhacker 
Click any note on the scale to play a fun sound. 

Piggy's Music Lessons
A few different activities to choose from that help with music memory and learning notes and scales. 

The Mighty Maestro  
Music Theory lessons for kids.